Monday, October 13, 2008

Game Night: Nov. 5th at Seekers

Our next game night will be at Seekers on Nov. 5th at 6pm.

Also, we're going to try really hard to post more on this blog and in the Google Groups forum. We want an active and social community and we've been slacking a bit on maintaining the blog.

A few polls will be popping up soon to try and gauge what days, games, and places we should throw our game nights to get more people there so keep an eye out or join the google group to get e-mails when we post them. Thanks!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Game Night Reminder!

Our humble game night should start around 6pm tonight. Remember to patronize Seeker's as a thank you for giving us some space! See you guys there!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Game Night 10/8 at Seekers

We've known abotu this since the last game night and kind of dropped the ball on informing everyone. We'll be at Seekers around 6pm till when the crowd dies out. See you guys there!

Friday, August 29, 2008

9/10 Seekers in Middleburg Hts - Cleveland Victus Game Night

There it is! We have another official game night. It'll be from 6pm till 11pm at Seekers in Middleburg Hts (map). Please patronize the joint by getting a sandwich or some coffee so we can book further events there if we decide we like it. The usual games will make their apperences with hopefully a D&D game or two.

We're currently thinking big for October. Possibly an all day Saturday thing with the smallest bit of e-games thrown in for good measure. There will be a nominal charge if all goes as planned, but nothing more than what we'd normally encourage you to spend at the places that let us use their space. Keep checking back and we should have some more details in a couple weeks.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Next Game Night?

Alright, I did some digging and with the suggestion of WildElf I found a possible place. I got a quote from Seekers in Middleburg Hts. and they will gladly let us use their backroom/meeting space on Sept. 10th from 6pm to 11pm. The only catch to get this room without a charge is that they would like us to spend some cash there on food and stuff. I'm going to make a post in the google group soliciting your opinions and what you think.

The only other option I have right now is that the apartment I live in downtown has a party room that I can rent for a nominal fee that has tables, chairs, a stove, refridgerator, and microwave at any time pretty much. I'll then only ask for donations to help cover the cost of the room. This however, I might try to do for an all day event or for e-gaming.

As we all usually bought beers or food at Bar Cento, I'm thinking that Seekers might be the place to go. I need opinions!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Booze, Gaming, and Cosplay...

Got back from Gencon to have some much needed rest after 5 days of partying and gaming. I popped some of my photos over on the side to replace the last game night pictures. Clicking on it will take you to my album and allow you to see bigger ones.

I won't bother logging out then in as the general Cleveland Victus name to give you guys some info on the next game night. I really have no update and it seems our usual joint is pretty busy for the rest of the month. I'm going to look into booking the party room at my apartments and see how much they'll do that for. Possibly get it on a Saturday afternoon. If I hear back from Chef Sawyer, I will post about it with the quickness.

Back to Gencon though. I had a great time along with the crew I rolled with. Some of you might recognize them from game nights with a few new faces. For those of you that went also, I look forward to hearing your stories and some other info about what you played. I'm gonna throw out a post in our google group asking for opinions on a place, date, and time to meet somewhere and kick back some brews or coffees and just have a good time. This will by no means be an official game night, but more of a social event like we wanted to delve into a bit more. People who did not go to Gencon are more than welcome to show up and hear some stories. I want to do it by the end of the month, and if possible, clear it with the place we're showing up to about maybe busting out some games.

I'm also going to start up another thread for people to post what they played and either recommend or want us to stay away from.

See you in the group!


Monday, July 28, 2008

The ENnie Awards

Voting is open for the ENnie Awards from July 28th until August 6th. Be sure to vote.

The ENnie Awards- Voting Information Page

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thank You... Again!

Thank you to everyone that came out last night and played some games with us. We put a slideshow of the pictures we took on the right sidebar. You can also look at them by clicking on our photo album under the recommended links. We're looking into the next date but want to shoot for the week after Gencon (August 13th - 17th) so we have some new games to play!

Speaking of Gencon, a couple of us will be blogging about it from the event. We'll try to keep it as interesting as possible and if you have any suggestions on stuff you want us to try out for you, leave a comment!

Also, we just created a google group so please join up, start discussions, and be an active member of the community!

Finally, we're also going to encourage our bloggers to get some posts out on events that are happening around Cleveland that might be interesting to our fellow gamers out there. Possibly delve a little deeper into the social event aspect of our little mission statement.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Game Night Tonight!

Just a reminder we'll be having our second game night at Bar Cento starting at 7PM. As soon as you enter, just head right to the back and we'll be in the Red Room by the restrooms. We'll pretty much have the same games as last time (found here). D&D is still first come first served and it will be 4th edition with pre-gen characters and a max party of 5. If you have a game you'd like to play and it isn't on the list, please bring it and teach us a thing or two!

Big nod goes out to the Cool Cleveland newsletter for squeezing us in and helping us advertise our night.