Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Next Game Night?

Alright, I did some digging and with the suggestion of WildElf I found a possible place. I got a quote from Seekers in Middleburg Hts. and they will gladly let us use their backroom/meeting space on Sept. 10th from 6pm to 11pm. The only catch to get this room without a charge is that they would like us to spend some cash there on food and stuff. I'm going to make a post in the google group soliciting your opinions and what you think.

The only other option I have right now is that the apartment I live in downtown has a party room that I can rent for a nominal fee that has tables, chairs, a stove, refridgerator, and microwave at any time pretty much. I'll then only ask for donations to help cover the cost of the room. This however, I might try to do for an all day event or for e-gaming.

As we all usually bought beers or food at Bar Cento, I'm thinking that Seekers might be the place to go. I need opinions!


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