Friday, August 29, 2008

9/10 Seekers in Middleburg Hts - Cleveland Victus Game Night

There it is! We have another official game night. It'll be from 6pm till 11pm at Seekers in Middleburg Hts (map). Please patronize the joint by getting a sandwich or some coffee so we can book further events there if we decide we like it. The usual games will make their apperences with hopefully a D&D game or two.

We're currently thinking big for October. Possibly an all day Saturday thing with the smallest bit of e-games thrown in for good measure. There will be a nominal charge if all goes as planned, but nothing more than what we'd normally encourage you to spend at the places that let us use their space. Keep checking back and we should have some more details in a couple weeks.

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Laurel Miltner said...

Please note that while Seekers calls itself a "faith-based" organization, the Cleveland Victus and all events are not. We are a secular group.

We chose the location because it was suggested by some people who have gamed there before.